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           A Messsage From Your President

Welcome to the Oregon Peace Officers Association, Oregon’s premier Law Enforcement training organization!  
My name is Darren Pomeroy, your OPOA President, and I serve as a Detective with the Forest Grove Police Department.  I am extremely honored to be leading OPOA into the 2024 term.  For over 50 years, law enforcement agencies from across the state have been a part of OPOA and helped our organization continue our mission of training and supporting our law enforcement family.  Our founding members could not have envisioned what law enforcement in Oregon would have looked like to today, but OPOA has been there to help our members evolve and embrace the changing nature of this profession.  How do we do this?  The OPOA board is comprised of active law enforcement members from all disciplines in law enforcement.

OPOA focuses on sourcing instructors from within our state to teach a variety of topics whenever possible.  We do this for three reasons First, to establish a local network of experts as future resource for you.  Second, to have someone who understands Oregon laws in relation to what is being taught.  Third, our instructors can connect you to other local resources to help you if needed!  OPOA networking is how we keep you up to date, relevant and at the top of your career growth! 

Along these sentiments, OPOA will be evolving to embrace the future of online training to be more inclusive with our partner agencies from around the state.  Specifically, OPOA is working to be more accessible by addressing the issues of staffing shortages and reduced training budgets so all of our members can participate in purposeful training no matter        where they are located!  Our training team is led by our Training Director / Vice President Christy Doolittle, with Lane County Parole and Probation.  Vice President Doolittle and her team are working on targeting training classes that not          President Darren Pomeroy       only meet the state mandated training but emergent training coming into our profession.  Please stay connected with us        as we roll out these new training platforms!

       We look forward to these and many other focused goals and exciting updates!  Please join us!

           Meet Your Board of Directors

Executive Board

            Darren Pomeroy                             Christina Doolittle                                 Brian Prevett                                   Jerry Gorman
                                      Rick Igou                                          
PRESIDENT                                        1st VICE PRESIDENT                                2nd VICE PRESIDENT                                      TREASURER                                   BUSINESS SECRETARY                     Forest Grove Police Dept.                              Director of Training                                 Department of Justice             Department of Justice                  Dept. of Public Safety & Standards                                                                                    Lane Co Parole & Prob.


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