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The Reno Police Training Officer (PTO)

Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, Corrections, Regulatory Specialists, 911 Telecommunication

  • From 300 US dollars
  • Sandy Police Dept.

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Class Overview

Sponsoring Agency: Sandy Police Department Overview: The Reno Police Training Officer (PTO) model is the newest Field Training for Public Safety and Law Enforcement as a whole. The Reno model provides a modern look at how new employees are trained, shifting the focus on rote memorization to mentoring, coaching and evaluation through the focus of adult learning and problem solving methodologies. This course will cover the important structural components of the PTO Program including: - Substantive Topics - Core Competencies - The Learning Matrix - Program Phases - Performance Assessment Meetings - Problem-based Learning Exercises - Neighborhood Portfolio - Journaling - Coaching and Training Reports - Mid-Term and Final Evaluations - Board of Evaluators This course focuses on the final desired outcome; retention of qualified individuals whom demonstrate empathy, control, professionalism and community engagement. Instructor: Teresa Parker, Public Safety Manager at Oregon State University

Class Dates

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  • Sandy Police Dept.

    39850 Pleasant St, Sandy, OR 97055, United States

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