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Light and Shadow
OPOA Executive Board

President Darren Pomeroy
Forest Grove Police Dept.

A Message From Your President

Hello Fellow OPOA Members, We are finally in spring, an Oregon spring, but spring none the less! This is the time of year when a lot of us feel motivated to get outside. I think we all generally feel better at the first string of warm days, and we get motivated to be active. We see our neighbors getting bark dust and dirt delivered and the local nurseries are packed. But if you’re like me and have a New Year’s resolution that has been on pause waiting for the drizzle to stop, let me encourage you to get started on finding some restorative wellness time. I have been reminded a lot lately of finding time for renewal, taking a walk with my family at home, eating well or connecting with old friends. Finding your version of wellness is so important for mind, body, and soul as we continue to serve in our careers, both emotionally and physically. If your agency has a wellness coach, connect with them, and formulate a plan that gets you get started, tailored just for you. Many health care organizations (i.e., Providence, Legacy Emanuel, and Kaiser Permanente) have wellness programs to get us healthy and is often covered by insurance. Maybe even go simple, find a friend or a family member and plan to do something together daily. I find the walking and talking so renewing. I hope you are blessed with health and happiness!

Executive Board

OPOA Executive Board
OPOA Executive Board
OPOA Executive Board
OPOA Executive Board
OPOA Executive Board

Det. Darren Pomeroy
Forest Grove Police Dept.

Christina Doolittle
1st Vice President

Lane Co. Parole & Probation

Special Agent Brian Prevett
2nd Vice President

Dept. of Justice

Spec. Agent Jerry Gorman

Dept. of Justice

Rick Igou


General Board

OPOA Board of Directors
OPOA Board of Directors
OPOA Executive Board
OPOA Board of Directors

Sgt. Chris Anderson

Hubbard Police Dept.

Ofc. David Bonn

Hillsboro Police Dept.


Megan Bubar
Columbia  County
Parole & Probation


Capt. Jerry Drum
Albany Police Dept.


Ofc. Tyler Hale
President, Reserve Ofc. Assoc.
Gladstone Police Dept. 


OPOA Board of Directors
OPOA Board of Directors
OPOA Board of Directors

Jonathon Jones

Marine Patrol, OCCIA
Polk County Sheriff's Office


(Ret) Sgt. Mike Mann

Corvallis Police Dept.


Rick Spence

Pres., Background Inv. 
Ashland Police Dept.


Ofc. Chris Titus

Woodburn Police Dept.


Det. Megan Townsend

President, OCCIA

Hillsboro Police Dept.

OPOA Board of Directors
OPOA Board of Directors

Darci VandenHoek

President, OAPEO

Salem Police Dept.


Ofc. Robert Wirt

Immediate Past President

Warrenton Police Dept.

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