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The Oregon Background Investigators Association was formed in June of 2000.  Since that time we have built a network of background investigators for several agencies throughout the state. To join the association, join OPOA and then mark the "Background Investigators Association" on your application form.

We have jointly sponsored training seminars with other agencies during the fall months of the past two years and are currently assessing our future training needs. If anyone would like to become involved with any of the work in the subchapter, please don’t hesitate to volunteer.

If you have questions or need informational material about our subchapter please email the association president listed below or

Thank you for your interest and organizational support.

Oregon Background Investigators
Board of Directors

President Rick Spence        Ashland Police Dept.           

Vice Pres. Tanya Pfeil          Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Sec/Treas. James Pierce     Warrenton Police Dept.       

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